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I’m so screwed.

March 9, 2016

There are moments in my interactions with V when I realize just how screwed I am, and what I’m in for when she becomes a teen. Here is one example from 2014, lost in my drafts folder:

I put her to bed as usual last night, she read in English and French for about 20 minutes, then asked me to tell her a story. As I got up to leave after our story and snuggles, she asked me if she could watch some videos on her tablet. (Thanks to an update Youtube was re-enabled on her system). She asked for 5 minutes of videos, and instead I told her she could watch 3 videos (figuring it would be about 15 minutes).

An hour later little Miss V made her way downstairs (my story may have involved a unicorn named Butterbutt who farted glitter – I can only blame myself for her not settling to sleep right away) and when I asked her if she’d been watching videos the whole time, she got a twinkle in her eye and claimed she’d only watched one. I put on my sternest mommy face asked again, and with the biggest smile she exclaimed, ‘yes, you said I could watch 3 videos, but I’m watching the same one over and over!’

Point goes to 7 year old.

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