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101 in 1001

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

This is my plan for my 101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days. This is the second list I’ve created, the first one ended in 2008 and I’ve been directionless for just over a year. Much of this list is made up of the first list as there are many targets I didn’t hit (I blame V).

Anyway, here are the things I intend to accomplish between Monday January 4, 2010 and Monday October 1, 2012. Many of these things are items that I have been meaning to get to for the past several years. Here’s to keeping me honest. As I complete the tasks I will update this list with links to articles that describe how the event happened.

1. Take up a new team sport.

2. Vacation in Jamaica
Jan 11-19/10 – Check!

3. Take tennis lessons

4. Vacation in Mexico

5. Organize our photos, scan the negatives, get rid of the prints I don’t want

6. Get back in touch with my cousin, continue genealogy of my mom’s family.
Friended him on FB. Also found 2 more cousins and a distant relative that gave me a pointer to another researcher.

7. Finish 2 full-size quilts

8. Use the treadmill, or run outside for at least 45min 2x/week
(Started the C210K with hubby)

9. Register V for school
Check! Not once, but twice thanks to the move

10. Hang family photos

11. See 10 new movies in the theatre.

12. Take Spanish lessons

13. Find an organization to volunteer with and start.

14. Visit my grandfather.

15. Research my father’s family history.

16. Lose 25 pounds, and keep them off.
As of June/11 I’m maintaining a 10lb weightloss

17. Attend a Just for Laughs show.

18. Work in a soup kitchen.

19. Find dog-friendly vacation accommodations in Ontario and take them up on their offer.

20. Finish a cross-stitch project.

21. Visit hubby’s extended family, sprinkled as they are around Ontario.

22. Knit outfits for Guardian Angels.

23. Go to 3 plays/musicals with hubby

24. Finish landscaping side lot

25. Remove all the weeds from the front lawn.

26. Stashbust – wool

27. Stashbust – fabric

28. Entertain more often. (Not really measurable, but I’ll figure it out)

29. Paint the interior – All rooms painted pre-2007 get a new coat
Check! And then we sold and have to start all over again *g*

30. Stashbust – scrapbooking/cardmaking

31. Read 150 books for pleasure
Here’s my tracking list for 2010 –
Tracking list for 2011 –

32. Go camping with V.

33. Purchase and install lights for master bedroom

34. Be a tourist in Montreal.

35. Declutter – each year freecycle, sell or donate 730 items

36. Drink 1L of water a day and coffee doesn’t count.

37. Sew curtains for kitchen, craft room and our room.

38. Can veggies I grow in my garden.

39. Write down my grandfather’s memories

40. Learn my grandmother’s recipes

41. Visit my great aunts (both sides of the family)

42. 10% at the grocery store. Always

43. Finish the wall hanging mom bought me

44. Wii Fit at least 2x per week.

45. Go two weeks without eating any fast food, restaurant food or grocery take-out

46. Finish reading the Bible

47. Read the Qu’ran

48. Read Buddha’s teachings

49. Put $1 a day into savings, every day.

50. Complete 2 more credits at uni

51. 12 pedicures
Jan 15 – check!
July 30 – check
Sept 29 – check

52. Do at least one round of Once a Month cooking

53. Haircut every 2 months, NOT every 6-8
July 30 – check
Nov 10 – check

54. Swim with V at least once a month.
Jan’10 – check!
Jan 11 – check!

55. Eat outside more often in the summer, we have a beautiful deck we need to use it!

56. Fix up the turtle tank

57. Spend more time with E & R

58. Find a good dog park, pups need more playtime!

59. Visit my father’s grave
Took V July 2010

60. Work on photography, maybe even take a class.

61. Cosmic adventures, once a month

62. Participate in our community fun days

63. Eat at Hy’s
Hubby and I went to Hy’s for my 41st birthday!

64. Plant a vegetable garden

65. Start plants from seed
started veggies in ’10 and V has some beans growing in ’11

66. Go skiing at Tremblant

67. Give blood

68. Disconnect from the computer for one week
Jan 11-19 – check!

69. Work on woodworking

70. Clean up craft room, merge the two rooms into one
Check! New home, one craft room

71. No TV for a month.
All of August until Sept 23/10

72. Start observing more often

73. Knitting Olympics, find project and complete it from torch light to torch out.
Got myself all signed up, now to get the knitting done! FAIL

74. Shakespeare in the Park

75. Do not eat meat for 4 days

76. Fast for 3 days

77. Take a calligraphy class

78. Do Open Doors Ottawa

79. Teach someone to knit

80. Sit in on a parliamentary session

81. Go to one of Adrian’s concerts

82. Go on an artists tour

83. Bike in the Gatineaus

84. Ride a motorcycle again.

85. Plant a tree every year.

86. Go to Winterlude
Check! Took V to Jacques Cartier park in ’11

87. Frame my needlework

88. Design and complete a needlework sampler

89. Buy a piece of original artwork
Bought 3 at an estate sale in March/10

90. Chelsea steam train

91. Go to Calypso Water Park

92. Visit the cemetery where my mother’s family is buried – Find the family history

93. Go on more dates with hubby
Date 1 – Jan 28th, Hy’s for dinner for my birthday

94. Use up all the gift certificates we have

95. Buy a bedroom set. It’s been 21 years, time to get one!
We now have matching dressers! We’ve moved from impoverished students to new grads in our bedroom furniture AND now we have matching nightstands! A bed and we’re all set.

96. Get education savings account set up for V

97. Do something that is important to hubby.

98. Go through the safety deposit box

99. Top up our RRSP’s

100. Get all my investment stuff under control – Stop ignoring it

101. Attend an iceshow.

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  1. Tally permalink
    October 27, 2010 11:56 pm

    26 and 27 ring so true for me. Alas, I suspect I will never stashbust.

    Good list! Good luck!

    • neeroc permalink*
      October 28, 2010 11:08 pm

      Heh. I often refer to the stashes as either my retirement investments or insulation. I figure if hubby kicks us out at least I’ll be warm *g*

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