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You know you’ve lost it when…

October 7, 2010

you threaten to put your daughter’s doll on a time out. Good times in the morning around here, I tell you what.

They were hanging out in her room, decidedly not getting V dressed, so I finally stormed by and declared that as the two of them hadn’t managed to get V dressed, one of them was going to need to spend some time in the corner unless they rectified the situation. And I was fully prepared for either to end up in the corner. I’m not sure, but I think that might have been more punishment for V than if she’d ended up in the corner herself. Lucky for them both the next time I wandered by V was wearing her school clothes. Since she listened so well I couldn’t say no when V wanted to bring naked baby along for the ride to school.

Is it wrong I feed into this crazy? Yes you say? Well then, I’m not admitting to having just had to make a trip out to the car to get her doll or the hysterical crying would never have stopped. I mean, naked baby had been in the car since I dropped V off at school this morning, that was clearly long enough!

In my defense, I’m no longer answering to Auntie Neeroc, nor do I call her Goose (her cousin).  I was starting to think the sit’n’spin had done some permanent damage.

Tomorrow morning should be interesting, I have to be at work over an hour earlier than I normally arrive. V is going to have to get her butt in gear and those dolls are going to have to fend for themselves.

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