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Goose turned two!

November 23, 2010

One of V’s most favorite people in the whole world, her cousin Goose, turned two on Friday. A slight mis-fire saw us calling her on Thursday to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ although it turned out Thursday was NOT the 19th. Who knew? She was confused and the babysitter was more so. If I were to be questioned about it, I would likely explain that our family has a long tradition of birthday week celebrations and we were just initiating her into it. After a repeat performance on Friday (with slightly less confusion) we started readying ourselves for the big event (aka family celebration on Sunday).

My sister tweeted that Willy had dislocated his shoulder playing hockey last week and it occurred to me that it would be more useful of me to actually make Goose’s cake rather than just lending Stella the cake pan. I know, stunning insight. Stella had some ideas of what sort of cake she would have made, and I promptly ignored them. In an amazing feat of organization, I actually did my grocery shopping on Saturday, and come 7am Sunday had all of the ingredients ready to make the cake and ice it too!

My little helper V got a huge kick out of mixing the dry ingredients together and pouring the ingredients into the stand mixer and watching them all come together. And let’s face it, she was there for the tasting too. Cake made, it was time for the icing, luckily V and her dad were there to ensure it wasn’t poison.

Funny thing happens when you’ve never ‘decorated’ cakes before – you’ll find yourself lacking icing bags and tips. Luckily, from somewhere in the recesses of my cupboards I managed to dig out a Pampered Chef decorating thingy that appears to have done the job, although I would have liked a smaller star tip. By this point it was 9:45 and brunch was scheduled for 10. You’ll notice I didn’t talk about bathing or wrapping gifts yet…so I was very glad to find out through the grapevine that my SIL was showing up closer to 11. I could be late and wouldn’t be the latest! Win.

I was seeing Stella for the first time since our lens swap, which meant that I’d have to give precious back *sniff*. I spent the rest of the day getting frustrating shots because a) kids move fast and b) I didn’t want to arse around setting up for flash pics (or maybe I forgot about using the flash). Either way hubby and my brother have discussed this at length and have determined that I’m an idiot.

Wow that was a lot of talking about me in the post on Goose’s birthday!

Brunch – yummy! Funny that the only place I ever have salmon at brunch is at Stella’s and she’s allergic. Little Goose sparkled and loved being the centre of attention. She was dressed in the most adorable purple velour dress, but the didn’t stop her from running around yelling ‘chase me’, which after the cake, happened quite a bit. Nothing like watching 3 kids under 4 hopped up on sugar.

Gifts went over well, there were nearly a few episodes of fisticuffs over the Aquadoodle and Goose displayed a child’s characteristic disdain for clothes received as gifts. But the merriment of chasing soon started up again and didn’t abate until the mean ol’adults broke the party up for naptime. During the car ride home V was asking if her cousins could come over after nap. *g*

(The last photo of the set was taken by my non-dumbass husband who just used the damn flash)

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